Dennis Rodman Demands Credit for Role as Bang in Space Jam

Now more than two decades since the release of Space Jam, Hollywood’s highest grossing basketball movie of all time, (sorry Lil’ Bow Wow) and the big screen debut of Michael Jordan as “Michael Jordan: the greatest basketball player turned mediocre baseball player alive”, you probably thought that there couldn’t be any more secrets to the Looney tooned classic we all love so much. Well, think again. In an interview with North Korea’s 24-hour news network, Kim Jung On, former basketball star Dennis Rodman was asked what he thought about Warner Brothers studio going into production with a Space Jam 2. Said Rodman, “Space Jam 2? I’m still waiting to get paid for Space Jam 1”.

Rodman preparing an expelliarmus spell before a Seal concert, 2014

According to the aggravated Rodman, the six-foot-seven power forward was asked personally by former Bulls teammate Michael Jordan to play the role of Bang, the large, green, sexually ambiguous forward of the Monster team. Rodman accepted the offer, died himself completely green, and showed up three weeks later to the set to play the yolked up alien alongside fellow players Sam Cassell, Manute Bol, Tyrone Hill, and Chris Bosh. The five all contributed to the Monster team and even performed their basketball skills on screen in the film. At the film’s premiere, Space Jam was an instant favorite, but some NBA players were upset about being portraying as losers on the screen and demanded their names be removed from the credits. The studio removed all the actors playing the Monsters from the credits, and in anger also cut them from residual earnings from the film. On the subject, Rodman claimed, “Sam Cassell is allowed to be embarrassed by the look of his face. But just because one monster is upset with how he looks on camera doesn’t mean my Oscar worthy performance should go uncredited.


Monsters (from left to right) Bupkus, Blanko, Pound, Bang, and Nawt

Out of protest, Rodman claims he is in the works to develop his own sequel to Space Jam with the North Korean government. The premise involves North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un flying on a nuclear missile into space and stopping a basketball-obsessed alien race from taking over his country through nuclear warfare. Rodman is currently cast as Pointy, Kim Jung Un’s trusty talking missile who convinces the North Korean dictator to bomb the aliens in the first place. The film is scheduled for a Holiday release, but has already been critically acclaimed as the “Greatest film of our great leader so far”, and has also won three North Korean Oscars. While Rodman has yet to win any personal awards for his role in the film so far, he is confident they are coming around one of these days. Be on the lookout for Rodman’s rendition of Space Jam 2, and more ridiculous Dennis Rodman statements in the later months.



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