Orlando Magic Mascot gives Ailing Child Tickets to Hamilton after Team’s Horrific Loss

If there is one thing that fans of the Orlando Magic haven’t seen for a while, it’s a good show. That is- everyone except nine-year-old Magic fan Todd Simpson. The Orlando native Simpson claims he has been a Magic fan for as long as he can remember, stating, “One time for my birthday my mom like bought me a Magic jersey of JJ Redick, and I now I like the Magic because they have JJ”.


JJ Redick mid-thought as he comes to terms with the 2016 presidential election.


Simpson proved to be so much of a Magic fan that, while down by 20 in the last five minutes leading up to halftime, a mid-rafter cry from Simpson made so much commotion that it ended up on the stadium jumbo tron. Simpson assured us that he is not a crybaby, claiming he cried intentionally in hopes that his clear signs of disappointment would encourage the Magic to do something positive. While his tears did not help the Magic to victory- later losing to the Detroit Pistons by 25- his cry for attention did attract the eye of another magical loser, Stuff the Magic Dragon. Stuff, the Orlando mascot with the ability to find, throw and shoot various “stuffs” out of his body parts, tended to the crying Simpson by grabbing the young fan and sneezing on his head- releasing two tickets from the depths of his congested confetti-filled muzzle. Those tickets happened to be none other than Orchestra seats to the popular Broadway show, Hamilton.


Alexander Hamilton, whom the play Hamilton is based off


When asked whom he was going to bring with him to the show, Simpson exclaimed, “My favorite Magic player, JJ Redick of course”– then he proceeded to cry for a solid ten minutes after someone finally decided to break the news to him that Redick hasn’t been on the Magic roster since 2013. One thing is for certain, however: the Orlando Magic need a miracle to turn their franchise around. All head coach Frank Vogel can hope for is that, in the future, those miracles come in the form of Victor Oladipo three poin—oh wait he’s not on the team anymore either. Oh well, the Orlando Magic are doomed then.


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