Jets Quarterback Bryce Petty runs into wall, breaks face, to avoid starting this week

It’s been a long time since the Broadway Joe, overcoming-the-odds New York Jets have won their last Super Bowl back in 1968. Where spurts of promise have shown themselves here and there for the lagging Jets- with back-to-back runs to the AFC Championship, a foot fetish loving head coach, and multiple runs with hall-of-fame and first-round pick quarterbacks, years of butt fumbles, Tebowing, dick pics, and fist fights have left the JETS to rely on third-string quarterback Bryce Petty to lead the team for the season’s remaining four games—that is, until the pressure got to him.

The former Baylor quarterback Petty, who was drafted by the Jets back in 2015, reportedly ran face-first into a wall after a difficult practice Wednesday afternoon. The now hospitalized Petty was described running “Surprisingly fast towards the wall. It was the fastest I’ve ever seen him run,” said teammate wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Petty’s injury is minor, and team doctors believe he will be able to suit up again by the end of the season. Upon hearing the news, Petty whined, angrily drinking his Sippy-cup of Apple Juice from a straw.


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