Down 20, Browns bring out field goal unit on 3rd and 10 to boost Hue Jackson fantasy points.

It’s grind time for all you fantasy football players out there: the fantasy playoffs are here, and now’s the time to show that schmuck Brad down the hall from you that you really knew what you were doing when you drafted Demarco Murray in the first round—I mean come on, three teams in three seasons and now he’s third in the NFL in rushing? How does that happen? Regardless– in all things football, there is a distinct difference between playing to win in the NFL, and playing to boost your stats for personal fantasy reasons (we’re looking at you, Draft Kings). However, in a recent matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals, Browns coach Hue Jackson made a questionable decision while down by 20 on 3rd and 10. With no chance for winning remaining, Jackson, the former Bengal coach, called on kicker Cody Parkey to go in to kick an significantly unimportant field goal just for the sake of running up the fantasy score.


Hue Jackson posing for SI Swimsuit Edition


Jackson, in last place in his fantasy football league against his former Cincinnati Bengal associates Mike Zimmer, Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chad Ochocinco Johnson, claimed that the decision to bring out the field goal unit was not for personal incentives, but a chance to give his kicker a couple practice kicks. While the 38-yard kick did very little in ensuring a Cleveland victory, Parkey’s late-game leg did help propel Jackson’s fantasy team, The Hues and Cries, to a 114-106 fantasy football victory against the strong competition of Jon Kitna’s team, The Second Strings. While Jackson was finally able to get a win for his fantasy team, the future still looks bleak for his reality team, as the Cleveland Browns continue to struggle through a winless season.



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